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More and more people work online with their customers. This often introduces miscommunication: accumulated e-mails with appointments, lost files and unclear schedules in Excel. This way it can be very time-consuming and frustrating to meet projects.

  • Plannel offers a visual timeline that you can design yourself.
  • A simple and clear overview of your project.
  • Save time by communicating clearly with your client.
  • From delivering files to scheduling a meeting.

This allows you as a professional to do what you do best.

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up to 10 timelines per month


per month Talk to us €4.90 per active timeline
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<50 timelines per month


per month Talk to us €1.98 per active timeline


>50 timelines per month


per month Talk to us under €1.98 per active timeline


Will it work with My Favorite Project Management Software™

Plannel is not Yet Another Project Management Software. Instead, it integrates in your existing software and workflows.
Please Contact Us to discuss your current workflows and software and to find out where Plannel fits.

I have lots of different projects and customers, will that fit?

Every customer is unique. Every project needs something different. We know. And we love that; it keeps us creative.
At Plannel, you build every timeline specific for a customer or project. Add a step, skip a step. Change some text, add a different video, whatever you want, Plannel lets you do.

Do I need to make new timelines for every project?

Building every timeline specific for a customer or project is a lot of work. Boring work. We don't like boring work.
So Plannel builds a library from past timelines for you. To copy, re-use and tweak, where needed.

What happens once a project is finished?

We love finishing projects. We hope you do too!
Once a project is finished, it can be archived. They then become read-only: nothing can be added or changed, but everything can be downloaded or read for ever. Archived projects are not billed.

Is Plannel secure?

All your projects are only visible by your staff. Invited customers can see and walk through one timeline using a secure token. All software is hosted on AWS and critical data is encrypted.
Please Contact Us to discuss certification or security requirements for your projects.


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